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100 years of history.

The former handwriting archive collection of the Dresden Kreuzchor had existed for many years, but was only officially mentioned as an archive in 2013.
Here the notes from 100 years of the Dresdner Kreuzchor are collected, sorted and archived. The archive has direct access to the music library, so that there is still the link between old and new notes. The archive contains notes with an age of up to 100 years and intorites from the Mauersberger period. Notes that were written before 1945 are rarities, because for the most part the notes were destroyed in the war or have disappeared. So only a few copies have been preserved.
For two years, the notes from the old collection are now resorted to a new archive, while they are systematically archived, recorded and digitized. This is new, as the notes and manuscripts were still recorded by hand 2 years ago. Since the handwriting archive is also represented on the web, it is possible to transfer the handwritten notes into a "new" age - to digitize them.

  • of the manuscripts were registered

    100% of all handwritings in the archive have already been registered.

  • the Music Library Dresden Kreuzchor claims the HSA

    10% make up all scores of the Handschriftenarchiv in the overall picture of the Music Library of the Kreuzchor.

  • of the manuscripts were digitized.

    3% of the manuscripts were digitized, digitally edited and published.

  • of the manuscripts were wrote by »Kruzianer«.

    78% Of all manuscripts was presumably written and written by Kruzianer - members of the Dresden Kreuzchor.


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